Our Design Services

  • Property Staging

    creating a look that attracts and "hooks" the potential buyers for that specific property

  • Interior Redesign

    changing the look of an interior space while focusing on environmentally-friendly ways and sustainable products

  • Furniture & Decor Rentals

    full rentals for vacant properties, as well as specific pieces to pull a room together are available

  • Space Planning/Spatial Design

    creating functional "rooms" out of open spaces such as lofts; designing a space for best flow and feel

  • Paint Colour Palette Selection

    a neutral and clean palette for staging; specific colours to enhance a certain look, reflect your personality and feel good to you in redesign projects

  • Interior Decor & Furniture Sourcing
  • Referral of Trades
  • Nursery Re-Design
  • De-Cluttering/ Organization

    an objective eye to help you decide what should be boxed up and what should be displayed

  • Child/ Teen Space Design
  • Interior & Exterior Consultation

    RSDR knows that interior pictures will attract buyers when they are looking on the internet, and curb appeal will keep them from driving away

  • Mural Art Design / Sketching

    for a DIY option, RSDR will create the mural design, choose the colour palette, and then label the mural in a "colour-by-numbers" format for you to complete

  • Room Re-Function/Configuration

    changing a room's function or layout to better suit the needs of the owners

  • Mural Art Painting

More Design Services

Interior Re-Design

RSDR is committed to focusing on environmentally-friendly solutions for interior transformations. This may include re-purposing a piece of furniture that you already own to create a different look or function; suggesting more eco-friendly and healthy products/materials for renovation projects; and sourcing as many items locally as possible to keep our carbon footprint down.

Property Staging

We research who the target market is for your particular property and stage it in a way that brings out its potential to your potential buyers. By attracting the right buyers and creating a space that they feel good in, your property sells faster and for potentially more money!