Staging FAQ

Do I have to move out once the house is staged?

RSDR provides family-friendly staging services—moving out is not required!

Can kids and pets live in a staged home?

The family-friendly staging services includes easy clean up techniques for both children and pets during showing times!

What happens during a consultation and how much is it?

A consultation takes between 1.5-2 hours and covers a tour of the property, discussion of staging and budget, and expert suggestions. The cost is $195. This is refunded if further staging services are required.

Do we have to rent items?

Each home is unique and services required vary.

Are renovations involved?

Some renovations are suggested to repair any damage, or create a better selling-advantage.

Will our house look like a show home?

RSDR prides itself in creating a look that appeals to your target market specifically and reveals every potential of your home!

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on services required, but RSDR works with your budget and prices out their services per task, per 1/2 hour. Everything is broken down in detail on your invoice. There are no hidden costs with our company!

How long does it take?

Actual staging of a property is typically done in one day! Timeframes from consultation to finished product may differ depending on renovations and scheduling.

Does RSDR work only with realtor-listed homes?

RSDR works with any property—residential, commercial, realtor listed, and for sale by owner!

Is it worth it?

Yes! RSDR’s clients have experienced selling times of less than 1/3 their neighborhood’s average and made their staging investment 5 times over!

When should we call a staging service?

First! 95% of buyers start their search on the internet—your pictures need to look amazing against the competition!

Pricing FAQ

What is Interior Re-Design?

RSDR provides interior decor changes that focus on re-using, re-cycling and re-functioning items and spaces that the client already has, to keep the carbon footprint of the job low and work within budgetary needs.

How does interior re-design differ from interior decorating and interior designing?

All of these focus on changing interiors to reflect the client’s personality and needs for the space. Each comes at the project from a different perspective and can handle different scopes of projects.

What types of projects fall under the “re-design” category?

Re-design projects focus on the interior changes only with structures that are already in place. They can include re-using and re-functioning items and spaces, or starting from scratch with all new items. In either case, eco-friendly options are utilized with products, services and delivery.

What happens during the initial consultation for a re-design project?

A re-design consultation will consist of discussions of the space needing a new look and/or function, the needs of the client and other family members that may use the space, likes and dislikes of looks, discussion of eco-friendly options regarding their specific project, discussion of timelines and budget.

How much does interior re-design cost?

Every project is different in scope and needs. During the consultation, budgetary needs are discussed and an estimate is provided to the client soon after that initial meeting.

How does RSDR strive to work within your specific budget?

RSDR will provide money-saving solutions such as DIY portions of projects; re-using, re-cycling, and re-functioning items clients may already have; price-shopping items for clients to find best deal; passing on discounts where we can.

How are RSDR re-design projects more eco-friendly?

RSDR focuses on eco-friendly products, items from companies that have green practices, locally made and distributed products to reduce delivery fuel consumption and extra costs, etc.

How can RSDR help with your renovation plans?

RSDR professionals can sit down with you and discuss your specific needs for your space, make suggestions on design based on that, and then create the entire interior look from furniture to paint to art to flooring to decor items.