What We Do

RSDR provides clients with exceptional property staging and interior re-design services. Our foundation is built on knowledge, experience, efficiency, integrity and quality. We transform spaces to attract the largest number of potential buyers; to create interiors with updated style and better function; to spark a child’s imagination; or to create an expressive and unique space for a young adult.

Why We Do It

RSDR is passionate about helping people realize the biggest financial gains from their real estate investment. In a lot of cases, your home is your biggest asset – we want you to make the most of it while you own it and when you go to sell it!

Founder Bio

The Mastermind Behind RSDR

Jennifer has had a lifelong passion for beautiful interiors. Although she attained a BA Honours degree in Psychology and Sociology and then went on to work in and/or complete courses in Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, Business & Contract Law, Business Planning, Entrepreneurism, and Event Planning, she never gave up her interest in interiors. In her early 20’s, she worked as an interior decorator with a small franchise for a couple of years, before entering into a career in real estate in 2002. She continued to hone her skills and knowledge in areas of renovation such as painting, tiling, drywall/taping/mudding, basic plumbing and electrical, flooring, wall coverings, bathroom/kitchen remodelling, etc.

She worked with several real estate investors and started investing herself. During her near 7 years as a full-time realtor, Jennifer gained a vast knowledge of how buyers think and what they recall from properties they have seen. She learned that the properties that were staged had a huge advantage over the rest. Jennifer loved the thought of sharing her knowledge and helping others realize bigger financial gains from their real estate sales, so after re-locating back to Manitoba in 2008, Jennifer acquired Certified Accreditations in Property Staging and Re-Design, and RSDR was born.

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RSDR provides the greater Winnipeg area with exceptional property staging, interior re-design, and customized decor services.